Dangerous dogs free to prowl our streets

IPSWICH City Council has revealed that they believe there are 10,000 dogs running around this city that they know nothing about.

They confirmed yesterday their records accounted for 29,164 dogs, but their investigations showed there were another 10,000 out there without tags.

The concern for every Ipswich resident is just how many of these dogs are aggressive or dangerous breeds and how are they been controlled.

Ipswich councillor Andrew Antoniolli said there were more than three dog attacks reported each week and that council had a record of 79 dogs in the city that were registered as dangerous or menacing dogs following investigations into dog attacks.

A total of 53 are declared dangerous and 26 are listed as menacing because the attack did not cause bodily harm or death.

Cr Antoniolli said the estimated figure on unregistered dogs was based on a 2010 survey of the average dog ownership population in Ipswich which found for every person, there were 0.22 dogs. That is, every second home has a dog.


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