OPINION: Ipswich CBD is becoming a foodies delight

ON SATURDAY night I took my wife and daughter out for a promised meal on the town.

We ventured up to the Ipswich CBD and walked into a packed Heisenberg Haus, the latest bar and cafe to open.

"Sorry, sir, but we are fully booked," was the answer I got when I asked for a table.

No dramas, we walked across the street to the Viva Italia, which has recently been given a fresh breath of life by a committed new owner.

"Sorry, sir, we are also fully booked," was the response at the door.

And so it went on as we walked from one establishment to the next only to be told that they were full to capacity.

I wasn't upset by the knock backs; instead I was delighted to see that the once dormant Ipswich CBD was coming back to life.

Just 12 months ago when I ventured up the CBD I had my pick of any table from the few restaurants and bars that were open.

It takes people with passion and vision to invest in a city centre that is on life support.

Fortunately over the past year some visionaries stepped up and their gamble is paying off.

The Ipswich CBD is fast developing into a foodie's adventure and the people of Ipswich are showing just how long they have been waiting for it to happen.

My advice now if you want to experience our new CBD is to book; otherwise you may find yourself looking for a takeaway on the ride back home.

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