Caltex robber wanted jail time

AN Ipswich woman robbed a service station with a knife because she wanted to go to jail to get help for mental health problems.

Jody Rebecca Bartley, 38, then deliberately led police on a high-speed chase to increase her time behind bars before she stopped and was tasered.

Ipswich District Court heard that on the night of August 26, 2009, Bartley walked into the Caltex service station on the Warrego Highway at Blacksoil and produced a 30-centimetre knife.

She told the male attendant she was not going to hurt him, told him to call triple-0, provided her name and said she wanted to go to prison.

She then said she wanted to rob him and was handed $655.

Bartley apologised for scaring the attendant and hopped in her car as police arrived.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso said Bartley sped off at 100kmh in an 80 zone, then 140kmh in a 100 zone.

Police abandoned the chase but found her a short time later filling up the car with petrol at Hatton Vale.

The officers ordered Bartley to show her hands but she smirked and walked slowly away while holding the 30cm knife.

Bartley was tasered and later apologised “for making the officer deploy her taser”.

Ms Kelso said Bartley wanted police to chase her “so that she could accumulate more jail time so that she could spend a significant time in jail so she could receive help”.

She was breathalysed and recorded 0.099.

Ms Kelso said the day before Valentine’s Day in 2009 Bartley, who was drunk, asked her girlfriend to leave the house because she was suicidal and called police.

When police arrived, a nine-hour siege ensued with Bartley holding two 30-centimetre knives and refusing to calm down.

At one stage, Bartley walked at the two officers on the scene with the knives pointed at them.

The officers were so worried by Bartley’s behaviour that one had his gun drawn and the other tried to use his taser but it failed to deploy.

Bartley was taken for medical treatment when officers entered the house to find her asleep in bed.

She pleaded guilty to four charges of serious assault, armed robbery, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while adversely affected, drink driving and failing to stop.

Bartley, who had a limited criminal history, was sentenced to three years’ jail but released immediately on parole.

Three hundred and nine days already spent in custody were taken into account, and her licence was disqualified for 12 months.

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