Back to school speed crackdown

POLICE have warned motorists to pay particular attention when driving near schools this week as students return from their holidays.

Operation Back to School will start across the state this morning.

The operation will form part of a state-wide operation which will run until Friday and is the fourth and final phase of Queensland’s 2010 Christmas road safety campaign which began on December 8.

During the Back to School traffic operation, officers will be targeting:

  •  School zones, including speeding offences in 40km/h zones.
  •  Parking and no-standing zone offences in relation to the drop-off and pick-up of children at schools.
  •  School crossings.
  •  Any other offences detected around schools.

Parents are reminded to park in the designated areas to make sure children are not put at risk by walking on to roadways between parked cars.

Young children are especially vulnerable when it comes to traffic because it is impossible for them to accurately judge the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles.

Police would also like to urge parents to familiarise themselves with school drop-off and pick-up practices and discuss with their children rules for school zones.

Following the directions of school crossing supervisors and allowing a little extra time for your trip because of the increase in traffic around schools will go a long way towards ensuring the safety of children.

All children should wear an approved safety helmet when riding a bike; always use pedestrian crossings and stop to look before crossing the road.

Parents also should take the time to educate their children in the basics of road safety, particularly children starting school for the first time.

About 50,000 Queensland children will start school for the first time this year.

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