Ipswich author launches new thriller

SUCCESSFUL Ipswich-raised author Joy Chambers launches her latest book today.

The Great Deception is a fact-based mystery thriller about Australians in the Second World War.

Ms Chambers, wife of Bermuda-based media mogul Reg Grundy, has won fame as an author, company chief and businesswoman.

She started writing in 1990 after a publicity-driven career as an actor and television panellist.

Acting performances in the 1970s won Ms Chambers a swag of awards and accolades.

She is best known for television soap opera roles such as Rita Merrick in The Restless Years, Dr Robyn Porter in The Young Doctors and Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours.

Ms Chambers maintains ties with the city of her birth through her patron role with the Ipswich Poetry Feast and as an honorary international ambassador.

"I am proud and happy to have been born in Ipswich," Ms Chambers said. "My interest in poetry and literature began in childhood.

"My father, Alan, instilled in me a deep love of the English word and from him I first learnt of the literary giants like Shakespeare, Shelley, Browning, Hardy, Maugham and our own home grown Paterson, Lawson, Lindsay Gordon and the like.

"I was a pupil at Ipswich Central Girls' School when I won my first poetry competition. I was about nine or 10."

Ms Chambers' latest book is full of twists, turns and surprises.

"I know that a good book can be read on many levels, but I believe it must always entertain," she said.


  • The Great Deception starts off in 1947 when Shelly Wareing's husband Cole vanishes into the night.
  • He leaves a note to say he will come back no matter how long it takes.
  • Shelly is bewildered.

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