Aja Naomi King stars in the TV series Emily Owens M.D.
Aja Naomi King stars in the TV series Emily Owens M.D. Cassandra Kopelson - Channel 10

Intern's life laid bare on TV drama series

EMILY Owens M.D. is the closest thing to a light-hearted medical series since Scrubs.

The US drama series, airing on Channel 10, mixes social awkwardness and comedy with heartfelt storylines.

The show follows the life of its namesake Emily Owens, played by Meryl Streep's daughter Mamie Gummer, who is a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital.

Emily Owens M.D. - Ten - returns soon

While she thinks she has a real shot with her med-school crush Will, Emily finds that it feels like she's repeating her high school experience all over again.

Playing her high-school turned work nemesis Cassandra is Aja Naomi King in her first recurring TV role.

The Yale School of Drama graduate only had a few TV guest roles and two feature films, Four and Damsels in Distress, under her belt when she landed the part.

"It's amazing getting to come out of the gate and luck out and get a show like this so quickly," she told The Guide.

Cassandra's "cool" status somehow transfers to med school and her internship, also in Denver, where she competes with Emily for the affections of Will.

"Yes, she can be a little bitchy, but it comes from her overly competitive nature," King said.

"She is used to being the best. She wants to be the winner and she will do anything to make that happen."

King said she could relate to her character on some levels, but that she was definitely not the "cool" girl of her school.

"When I was in high school I was definitely like Cassandra in terms of how competitive I was, but I was not the cool girl," she said.

"I had braces and glasses. Homework was very important to me and I was part of drama club and choir. I was by no means the cool girl."

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