International player proud to prove his former critics wrong

Brent Gill
Brent Gill

BEING told he'd never be more than a C-grade footballer was enough to make Brent Gill change clubs.

Tomorrow, he gets his chance against his former club to prove to them how wrong they are.

Not that he's motivated by the comment that convinced him to join the Eagles in 2009 after 18 years as a Brothers player.

"I'm not one to call on that," Gill said. "The people who said that have left the club."

The comments didn't stop him from becoming an international footballer of sorts either, playing for Boston in the US national league in 2008-09.

Gill received further satisfaction last year when the Eagles won the Reserve grade title.

Another win tomorrow will not be viewed as revenge by Gill, but it doesn't lessen his desire for success.

"A grand final's a grand final," Gill said. "You don't get one every year."

Goodna are confident heading into the match against the minor premiers after beating them 30-24 a fortnight ago.

"It gave us the belief we can win the big games," Gill said.

Gill identified Brothers hooker James Hayes as their main threat.

"He's the one who controls the game for them," Gill said.

If Goodna control Hayes and stop Brothers getting easy metres Gill is confident his team can claim the prize again.

"If we do that we'll go al long way towards winning the game," Gill said.

Predominantly a fullback Gill will come off the bench tomorrow in an impact role. It could be at the back or in the forwards.Whatever the role, he will give it his all, knowing he's already proved the critics wrong.

Reserve grade teams

Goodna: 1 Hofeni Matamua, 2 Charlie Tamanui, 3 Ezra Lemafa, 4 Oti Oti, 5 Junior Kumar, 6 Palei Tuamoheloa, 7 Damon Viellaris, 8 Frank Logoia, 9 Solomon Mau, 10 Asofono Lemalu, 11 William Bernard, 12 Malaki Oloitoa, 13 Jaison Heke, 14 Ioane Lilo, 15 William Oloitoa, 16 Ben Hunt, 17 John Siaki, 18 Konelio Alefosio, 19 Jeremy Lawrie-Pau, 20 Brent Gill.

Brothers: 1 Shane Picker, 2 Sam Pita, 3 Vincent Seve, 4 Jester Niuula, 5 Deon Smith, 6 Josh Leisemann, 7 Cameron Picker, 8 Matt Bell, 9 James Haynes, 10 Keiran O'Brien, 11 Nathan Lee, 12 Cainnan Alofipo, 13 Lionel Foote, 14 Joel Swan, 15 Chris Fuiava, 16 Josh Sayer, 17 Rhys Bennett, 18 Dan Nolan, 19 Matt Ngature, 20 Zac Sutton.

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