Intercity cup clashes postponed until 2016

BY mutual agreement between the Toowoomba and Ipswich associations, this year's Thompson/Alder Cup has been postponed until early 2016.

This year's event was to be played in Ipswich and will still be played in Ipswich as the first event next year.

Toowoomba will host the second event, scheduled for late in 2016.

Players will be advised of the new dates at the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, rain and storms over the past few weeks have not affected the Tennis Ipswich Inc's Saturday fixtures.

A noticeable improvement in play has been seen by the younger grade players.

More importantly, these players are enjoying their matches, which are being played in the true spirit of the game.

A close and exciting match from last Saturday's fixtures was J4 TG Edbergs (Ben Ivanovic and James Trewick) against TG Hewitts (Jade Callum and Kai Pask).

This match was a great battle from the first point. The first two sets were tie breaks, with each team winning one each.

TG Hewitts finally won the match by four games.

Two issues which need attention by players are foot faults and the use of incorrect shoes for tennis.

Both of these issues have been brought to the attention of clubs and players yet continue to be prevalent.

Foot faults are against the rules of tennis and are a reflection of a technical issue with the serving action.

Short term, every effort should be made to correct the foot faulting, even if it means serving further back from the baseline initially.

There are different shoes for each type of sport. Tennis is no different.

Incorrect tennis shoes damage all types of courts and can easily lead to player injury, particularly ankles and knees.

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