Inspirational world events big chance to boost ranks

FOR sport lovers, the past couple of months have been a busy time for international sporting events.

The Commonwealth Games are underway in Glasgow and the Tour De France has just completed along with the FIFA World Club and Wimbledon.

The list goes on with insomnia setting in.

Studies have shown that people get interested in a particular sport following success or significant events on the world stage.

People pick up tennis racquets during the Australian Open, kids want to be the next Sally Pearson.

These events inspire us to get involved. This creates an opportunity for clubs to capitalise on and get more participants.

Here is a list of options to help realise this:

Contact your state sporting organisation for support or ideas on what you could do.

Conduct a number of public campaigns through media (print, radio, online etc). Provide them with stories that help to tie in events on the television to your club activities.

Hold an event at your club or a central venue to watch the relevant sporting event generate some atmosphere.

Design or develop an event to attract the wider public to your sport or venue. This includes inviting them to participate in an entry level event.

Decorate your venue with flags, bunting and posters promoting the international event and to create some additional atmosphere.

For more information, visit the Ipswich Sports House website:, or contact a staff member on 07 3810 6620,


Financial management

GOOD financial management is essential for any club's survival.

It is perhaps the most common factor that separates successful clubs from those struggling to survive, or those that no longer exist.

Successful financial management involves being able to review information, effectively manage funds, implement sound practices and understand your club's position and obligations.

Often clubs appoint a financial director with some accounting experience to take on this responsibility.

However, every committee member should have an understanding of club accounts, financial reports, preparation and monitoring of budgets, audit processes and legal obligations.

Free to community groups is a Book on-line, building active communities website. Visit

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