Inmate pleads guilty to 17th act of violence behind bars

ONE of Queensland's most violent inmates admitted he must "learn to be human" as his "vile" actions stretched his time behind bars until at least 2036.

"There is no justification for my behaviour prior to going to prison, while in prison or, for that matter, now," Stephen Jay Breen said.

Breen, 32, is currently serving two life sentences for attempting to murder two prisoners at the Maryborough Correctional Centre in 2009 and again in 2011.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday in the Brisbane District Court to assaulting a corrections officer at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, near Ipswich, in January this year.

The court heard it was Breen's 17th act of extreme violence while being housed in one of the state's prisons.

Crown Prosecutor Matthew Hynes said Breen threw a cocktail of urine and faeces over an officer who was going about his daily duties.

He said Breen, who is currently housed in the maximum security section at Woodford Correctional Centre near the Sunshine Coast, carried the highly-transmittable hepatitis C disease.

"The officer was approaching his cell, going about his morning checks when the incident occurred," he said.

"Breen told the officer as he approached his cell that he had something warm to give him.

"After the incident he told police he got extreme satisfaction from his actions and thoroughly enjoyed doing what he did."

Defence barrister James Benjamin said Breen had spent the past 11 years housed in a number of Queensland correctional facilities.

He said it was not surprising to see him back before the courts given the nature of his violent tendencies.

Breen said: "I need to learn to be human".

Judge Leanne Clare sentenced Breen to four years behind bars and extended his non-parole period a further 14 months.

"You are already staring down a very long stretch before there is any hope you will be released," she said.

"What you did was a vile and malicious offence.

"You are indeed an unrepentant man."

Breen will be eligible to apply for parole on January 20, 2036.

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