Gatton Magistrates Court, generic court.
Gatton Magistrates Court, generic court.

IN COURT: The 68 people appearing in Gatton court today

EACH week a number of people appear in Gatton Magistrates Court, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of everyone who is appearing in court today, Monday, July 6.


Berg, Shaun John, Mr

Bryant, Adrian Edward Oliver

Carmichael, Amanda Dorothy, Miss

Cleary, Darcy James

Collie, Judith Carole

Cook, Max Daniel

Donovan, Damian Michael

Fern, Don Gregory

Ford, Kris Allan

Genders, Amanda Jane

Harm, Jakob Trevor, Mr

Harm, Kelly Maree

Hawkins, Mathew Luke

Hill, Jacqueline Tracey

Hoare, Kevin Anthony

Hoffman, Darrel Philip

Hourigan, David Roland Roderick, Mr

Irving, Joshua William

Ives, Lukas

Kepi, Junior, Mr

Kermond, April Lee

Kerwa, Nathan

Knight, Glenn William

Konings, Christopher James

Magnusson, Desley Ann, Mrs

Marsden, Lachlan Steven

Mcinneny, Kevin Joseph

Mckillop, Fiona Sharon

Mcnaught, Scott Harry

Minisale, Joseph, Mr

Morris-Barrie, Kevin John, Mr

Muller, Todd Cameron Graham, Mr

Nemeth, Kristian

Nottingham, Teresa Anne

Nugent, Jessica Dawn, Miss

Opal, Andy, Mr

O'Rourke, Bailey Martin, Mr

Parry, Thomas Albert

Pascoe, Dylan Dragan

Patten, Jacinta, Miss

Patterson, Adam Wayne, Mr

Payne, Kristie Lee

Phillimore, Michael David

Prescott, Shane Ian, Mr

Ranse, Matthew Asher

Rees, Paul Creighton

Renata, Shannon Rebecca, Miss

Riera, Alan Bruno

Robinson, Derick Ashley, Mr

Schumacher, Thomas Ronald

Sellars, Gregory Edward

Settetrombe, Ben Mark

Simpson, Sean

Simpson, Sean Hamilton, Mr

Singh, Ajmer

Smith, Shawn Jason John, Mr

Soderquist, William Luke

Stanley, Alan James

Sweet, Tammy Sue, Miss

Taylor, Monique Louise Margaret

Tillack, Ranee

Trott, Nathan John, Mr

Tuira, Cody James Kingi

Veronico, Alessio

Weier, Ryan Matthew, Mr

Wells, Shaurn William

Weston, Stacey Lee, Ms

Williams, Noel Robert Lee

Wilson, Debbie Ann, Miss

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