IN COURT: Full names of 133 people appearing in court today

Every effort has been made to comply with non-publication (suppression) orders or statutory

provisions prohibiting publication that may apply to this information.

The onus remains on any person using this information or material from court files to ensure that the intended use of that information or material does not breach any such order or provision.

Important note: For matters not appearing on the list or to seek assistance, please contact the

Ipswich registry on 07 3470 7300.

Abeleven, Harrison Patrick John, Mr 1 9:00AM

Anderson, Christopher Paul 1 9:00AM

Anderson, Harley Dylan, Mr 1 9:00AM

Atutahi, Morehu Tama 1 9:00AM

Awan, Awan 7 10:45AM

Baker, Warwick Michael 1 9:00AM

Bale, Bianca Allaynah Jayde 1 9:00AM

Berghauser, Richard John 1 9:00AM

Birch, Madison Che 1 9:00AM

Boole, Daniel Ashley 5 9:00AM

Boole, Daniel Ashley, Mr 5 9:00AM

Booth, Craig Alan 1 9:00AM

Bowen, Kaleb 1 9:00AM

Boyce, Nicola Mariaanne 1 9:00AM

Boyce, Nicola Mariaanne 1 8:30AM

Brackin, Renee Sheree 1 9:00AM

Bradford, Nicole Dianne 1 9:00AM

Bradtke, Jeffrey Peter 1 9:00AM

Bransden, Maryanne Lesley, Miss 1 9:00AM

Brimacombe, Luke 1 9:00AM

Briody, Michelle Ann 1 9:00AM

Brown, Michael John, Mr 1 9:00AM

Brown, Rowena Natalie 1 9:00AM

Carstens, Kyle Christian 1 9:00AM

Chilmaid, Kayla Polley 1 9:00AM

Clarke, Dean Cameron 7 10:00AM

Clohessy, Trent Mitchell 1 9:00AM

Collins, Shayleen Narelle, Ms 1 9:00AM

Coolwell, Lance Gregory, Mr 1 9:00AM

David, Matthew James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Davies, Crystal Nicole 1 9:00AM

Dennis, Jacob Hartley Roy, Mr 1 9:00AM

Dhu, Raymond James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Drzazga, Michael Janusz 1 9:00AM

Duddy, Neil Clarence 1 8:30AM

Dyson, Kenny Steven 1 9:00AM

Faulkner, Michael Joseph 6 9:00AM

Faulkner, Michael Joseph 6 10:00AM

Feeney, Steve, Mr 1 9:00AM

Fitzsimmons, Gordon William 1 9:00AM

Francis, Craig Jeffrey, Mr 1 9:00AM

Gerrits, Matheus Theodorous 6 10:00AM

Gibson, Nathan Maxwell 6 9:00AM

Glindemann, Daniel Edward, Mr 1 9:00AM

Griffin, John Douglas, Mr 1 9:00AM

Guthrie-Macleod, Maddison Hope, Miss 1 9:00AM

Hall, Bradley James 1 9:00AM

Hamblyn, Harley Troy, Mr 1 9:00AM

Hansen, Beejay Eruera 1 9:00AM

Harris, Michelle Joy 1 9:00AM

Hazzard, Sandra Leigh 1 9:00AM

Hearps, Dylan Jacob 1 8:30AM

Hocking, Kane Simon, Mr 1 9:00AM

Hodcroft, Brendan Bradley 7 9:00AM

Holmes, Matthew Greg, Mr 1 9:00AM

Honeyman, Christopher Aaron 1 9:00AM

Hunt, Jesse Lee 1 9:00AM

Jackson, Nicole Leslie 1 9:00AM

Jensen, Jayde Ainsley 1 9:00AM

Johnson, Aaron Lee, Mr 7 9:00AM

Johnson, Virginia, Miss 1 9:00AM

Kapor, Dorothy Anne 1 9:00AM

Kennedy, John Joseph 1 9:00AM

Kidner, Ryan John 1 9:00AM

Kildey, Chloe Maree, Miss 1 9:00AM

Kilworth, Philip Anthony, Mr 1 9:00AM

Kingston, Mikaela Joanne 1 9:00AM

Kopa, Rowlin Toby, Mr 1 9:00AM

Kruger, Wayne Anthony 1 9:00AM

Kwai, Alier 1 9:00AM

Lake, Jazmine Skye 1 9:00AM

Langley, Charlee-Dee 1 9:00AM

Large, Brooke Kira 1 9:00AM

Lengyel, Connor Stephan 1 9:00AM

Leslie, William Raymond, Mr 1 9:00AM

Longland, Louisa Joy, Miss 1 9:00AM

Lourie, Bobbie-Jo, Mrs 1 8:30AM

Maloney, John Bremner 1 9:00AM

Matthew, Auther 1 9:00AM

Mccrone, Ryan James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mckey, Darryl James 5 9:00AM

Mcmillan, Troy Leonard, Mr 1 8:30AM

Mcmillan, Troy Leonard, Mr 1 9:00AM

Melelosa, Jenning Smith Taua, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mitchell, Mark James, Mr 1 9:00AM

Mitrovic, Robert 1 9:00AM

Momoka, Tevita Buluyawa 1 9:00AM

Monsell, Henry Robert, Mr 1 9:00AM

Monsell, William Kerry 1 9:00AM

Moore, Dennis Lesley, Mr 1 9:00AM

Morris, Eric Robert Stephen 1 9:00AM

Muller, Donovan John, Mr 1 9:00AM

O’Brien, Rory Henry 1 9:00AM

O’Neill, Michael-Paul James 1 8:30AM

Owens, Michelle Anne-Marie 1 9:00AM

Parker, Benjamin Albert 1 9:00AM

Patmore, Nicholas James 1 9:00AM

Pearce, Geoffrey Michael, Mr 1 9:00AM

Perkins, Jennifer Marie, Ms 1 9:00AM

Plater, Yasmin Alleria 1 9:00AM

Platz, Kathlyn Kate, Ms 1 9:00AM

Rathborne, Shaun Anthony, Mr 6 9:00AM

Rodgers, Raymond Scott 1 9:00AM

Sawyer, Joshua 1 9:00AM

Sherlock, Kurtis Paige, Mr 1 9:00AM

Sidhu, Jaspreet Singh 1 9:00AM

Skinner, Danniel Kenneth Eric 1 9:00AM

Small, Joshua 1 9:00AM

Smith, Dean Michael Jeffery 5 9:00AM

Smith, Nathan James 1 9:00AM

Smith, Sara Emilyrose, Miss 1 9:00AM

Somerville, Tia Jeanette 1 9:00AM

Squires, Arlena Kay, Miss 1 9:00AM

Stratford, Shane Michael 1 8:30AM

Swart, Aleck Lukas Cornelius, Mr 1 8:30AM

Talamahina, Chloe-Mele Talita Pavihi 1 9:00AM

Taylor, Andrew Lawrence 1 9:00AM

Taylor, Andrew Lawrence, Mr 1 9:00AM

Telefoni, Sekonaia Manu Talakai 1 9:00AM

Thompson, Anthony John Andrew 1 9:00AM

Thompson, John Donald, Mr 1 9:00AM

Thompson, Tiara Jayd, Miss 1 9:00AM

Tripp, Les William 1 9:00AM

Tuckwell, Jason Jeffrey Floyd, Mr 1 9:00AM

Voysey, Angela Leigh, Miss 1 9:00AM

Walker, Bree 1 9:00AM

Watts, Shane Robert 1 9:00AM

Weribone, Desiree Terri 1 9:00AM

Wheatley, Eden Maree 1 9:00AM

Woods, Mitchell James, Mr 1 8:30AM

Wraight, Talitha Renee 1 9:00AM

Wyatt, Robert Christopher 1 9:00AM

Young, James Micheal 1 9:00AM

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