Important to shop locally

FAMILY businesses and big retailers have all signed on to be part of our City Pride campaign to encourage local spending and jobs growth.

Heritage City Photos has been in Ipswich for 23 years and owner Donovan Rikards said keeping money local was important for Ipswich businesses.

"Heritage Photos is a family business, my father owned it before me," he said.

"I got involved with City Pride to encourage more people to buy in Ipswich."

Ultratune Ipswich owner Luke Slater and his brother have operated their business on Brisbane St for more than six years.

"We're local boys, we've lived in Ipswich our whole lives," he said.

Repairs and services bought at Ultratune Ipswich throughout the month will make you eligible to enter the City Pride competition.

Check out page 2 of this liftout for a full list of participating businesses.

Are you a business owner? It's not too late to sign your business up to be a part of City Pride.

Phone us on 3817 1717 for more information.

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