IKEA says simple swap could save Aussies a billion

Just by making one simple swap, IKEA says Australian households could save as much as $1.08 billion.

According to new research commissioned by the furniture retailer, swapping from traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs to LED alternatives could save $140 over the course of a year. 

Over the 22-year course of a bulb's lifetime, switching to LEDs could save $3,288.

The research also found that one in two Australians agree Christmas is an expensive time of year and they are likely to overspend, meaning savings could come in handy during the holiday pinch.

With 40% of Australians looking for ways to save money this Christmas and 70% wanting a more sustainable life at home, now might be the time to make the switch for the half of the respondents who don't know where to start.

 IKEA has launched the IKA LED Xmas Mistletoe - an installation that aims to dispel the myths LED bulbs are too expensive and not as high quality, believed by 80% of the respondents.

Powered by kinetic energy when movement is detected under the iconic Christmas plant (hugging, kissing and festive dancing optional!), the installation aims to educate consumers in a fun and sharable way, with participants able to send a sustainable Christmas card featuring a photo of them under the mistletoe to their friends via social media. 

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