G’DAY: Kevin
G’DAY: Kevin "Bloody" Wilson on stage during his UK tour

Being PC checks out as Kevin "Bloody" Wilson checks in

IF YOU ever worried Australia was in danger of being taken over by the PC brigade, a trip down to the Racehorse Hotel on July 11 might allay your fears.

Kevin "Bloody" Wilson has developed a distaste for anything remotely associated with political correctness, as anyone who has listened to him over the past 30 years would be well aware.

His jokes are vulgar and his songs rude and occasionally racist, but Aussies, Poms, Saffas and the rest of Kev's legions of fans across the world don't seem to give a rat's rear end.

Having really kicked his career off in Australia in the early 80s, Kev's seen a lot of change in Australia, yet fortunately our ability to relax and have a laugh has not been lost to progress.

"Once you scratch the veneer off there's a bit of Kev in all of us," he said.

"When it comes down to it we've all got these naughty stories to tell."

With virtually no mainstream promotion, Kevin "Bloody" Wilson record sales are now nudging four million.

Individually, all albums and DVDs have achieved gold sales status globally, with many reaching platinum or higher.

On a recent tour to South Africa, his average audience exceeded 2000, proving that his usually Australian subject matter resonated across the globe.

"The audience usually knows enough about me to understand the songs," he said.

"Living Next Door to Alan works as well in South Africa as it does in Kalgoorlie."

Kev's upcoming gig in Ipswich is part of a run of Queensland shows which he has dubbed: "First of the Final Farewell Tour Dates" as a bit of a smart-alec tribute to great Aussie singer known as Whispering Jack.

"I called the tour that so that I could have more comeback shows than John Farnham," he said.

So it seems there is no risk of Kev calling it quits anytime in the near future.

Kevin "Bloody" Wilson will perform with special guest Jenny Talia at the Racehorse Hotel on Thursday, July 11. For bookings phone 3282 1222.

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