If I was QT Editor for a day, I would...

THE QT asked readers what they would do if they were editor for a day. From making it free to read, playing golf all day, giving the sports editor a pay increase and making Peter Chapman work on the front desk, residents shared their views on what QT needs...

Jane Johnson: Not change a thing.

Cameron McKenzie: Play golf and enjoy a long lunch.

Rob Oberg: Pay Lemsie (Sports Editor David Lems) more money.

Anthony Breeze: Give Bombers Blast a big segment.

Audrey Djuve: Quit and shut the paper.

Debzda Ha: Make the edition free and allow articles from freelance only for a day.

Rachael Goodes: Make it free for people to get and read.

Jennifer Doran-Rackham: Drop the left-leaning bias.

Leonie Guy: Probably write too many stories about my own ancestors. lol.

Graham Thomas: Remove drink drivers shame file that is just a filler for Mondays tally ho thin paper.

Jacky Jones-Barnes: Report local issues like how live exports are affecting local jobs.

Cam Jay: Promote Peter Chapman to the front desk for a day.

Julia Sorpassa: Everyone one wants the paper to be free .... Does everyone work for free ?

Rebecca Pollard: Publish more stories make the paper fatter and worth the buy.

Scarlet Burke: Take a walk down the Top Of Town and ask all the shop-keepers what they think of council plans. Do at least a 1/4 page feature for every shop. Ask their ideas and what they think will help revitalise local interest in a beautiful and historic main street, instead of the current situation of big shopping centres luring people away to generic chain stores/vacuous and shallow places.

Yvonne Vollbrecht: Only allow reports on actual truth, instead of half-truths. Allow people to actually read things instead of trying to make them pay for it.

Paul Rix for Division 4: Have a full edition of happy motivating stories and display a free jobs board for businesses looking for employees.

Kerri Bilyj: I would make sure that the paper didn't print stories about people without their permission!

Gil Burgh: Refuse to be biased, insist on investigative reporting and political analysis, not pander to Mayor Paul Pisasale, make local government accountable by asking councillors difficult questions, always have the public interest in mind, investigate allegations of corruption, refuse to publish comments from sock puppets or people who use aliases.

Brett Laffin: Check the spelling in your paper. I thought the paper was proof read... but obviously not. I went to high school and can spell and put a sentence together... give me a job. I read the paper from front to back every day. So many mistakes.... how hard is it to be literate, or is that too big a word... really how hard?

Natasha Musch: Report truth - by all accounts it's rare for the Queensland Times to ensure facts before going to print and also stopping saying Labor sources print the name and for God's sake leave Jo-Miller and her family alone.

Lynn Dilworth: Actually print interesting news-worthy stories, stop being the mayor's personal blog paper, upgrade computers with spell check (Australian/English).

Paul Alexander: Print a great big fold out map of the Toxic Waste Dumps in the middle of our city. Just for the kids. They love maps. And for the adults, how much money Council are paid to host these abominations. If TransPacific's recent tax history is anything to go by... not much.

If I was QT Editor for a day, I would…

Posted by QT - The Queensland Times on Thursday, February 25, 2016

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Construction worker crushed by brick wall

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