Ideal time to try different techniques

ONE of the most targeted species in the estuaries of South East Queensland is the humble bream.

There are some great opportunities at the moment for land-based anglers or for boaties to get amongst some cracker bream.

Most of the larger specimens are moving towards the river mouths.

Soft plastics and bait are often deadly on the bream. But trying new methods can often lead to a trophy fish being landed.

One such method is throwing small hardbody lures like Jackall Chubbies, Zipbait Khamsins or Atomic Crank 38s. All of these lures come in varying depths and colours to suit any structure the bream may be found in.

Most bream will hold tight to some form of structure wether it is a rock bar or pylons of a dock so presenting the lure as close as possible is a must.

Fishing rock bars is quite simple. Once the depth of the rock bar is established, a lure with the correct diving depth can be chosen.

Cast the lure along it and allow regular pauses and twitches in the retrieve to tempt the bream into striking.

Rock walls can also be fished in the same way using deep diving lures as they will often stay close to the wall and in the strike zone the longest.

Fish bridge pylons by casting up current and bringing the lure past the pylon at the optimum depth can also be deadly on bream.

Be ready as other larger fish like to call these places home and will also hit small lures. Using suspending lures in this situation will allow you to remain in the zone for longer and provide more time for the bream to hit your lure.

A handy tip is trying to use the lightest leader possible as these bream have seen it all and are often wary of soft plastics and baits.

If you have any questions or want some help picking lures, drop into Charlton's Fishing at Redbank for a chat.

- Matt Osley

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