ROOM TO SPARE: The Ipswich Icon tower.
ROOM TO SPARE: The Ipswich Icon tower. David Nielsen

Icon rent will go to waste

ICON Ipswich is likely to be empty when the Queensland Government's lease of the multimillion dollar development begins next month.

The timeline to relocate public servants to the Ipswich CBD's newest development is yet to be determined by the Department of Housing and Public Works.

As negotiations on which public servants will relocate from Brisbane continue, staff already based in Ipswich are expected to progressively move into the Icon tower throughout October.

The State Government won't reveal how much taxpayers will pay to rent the empty building.

The Icon tower is expected to be home to 1,200 public servants, with 800 of those due to be relocated from Brisbane offices.

A housing department spokesperson said the time frame to relocate all staff was "still being confirmed".

Negotiations between government departments and staff have been going on for months.

"The individual agencies identified to move into the building are currently undergoing internal negotiations to finalise their relocation," the spokesperson said.

"Individual agencies are responsible for consulting with their staff in regards to relocating to the Icon Ipswich building.

"We will work with the agencies to facilitate their relocations once the exact time frames are confirmed.

"Individual agencies are still consulting with their staff. Exact numbers have not yet been finalised however staff will be relocated in accordance with their conditions of service."

Together Union President Vivienne Doogan said the search to relocate staff could become a mad rush as the Newman government foots the bill.

"That's the way they do business these days and basically it's about ordering people rather than working with people," she said.

Union members have not voiced any concerns over the looming move because departmental negotiations are yet to involve individual staff.

"We have not heard anything official from them or our members about what is happening," Ms Doogan said.

"No one has raised any concerns because they don't know if they are in the headlights or not."

Union officials have speculated throughout the negotiations that staff will be forced into a move.

The nine-storey building is being fitted out and will be ready for occupancy by the end of the month.

The building is expected to revitalise Bell St.

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