Cameron Frewer wishes he never got into riding after so many near-misses while riding on the Sunshine Coast.
Cameron Frewer wishes he never got into riding after so many near-misses while riding on the Sunshine Coast. John McCutcheon

'I wish I never took up riding': Scared cyclist

SUNSHINE Coast's roads are becoming so unsafe for cyclists it's made one wish he never discovered the two-wheel pursuit.

Cameron Frewer started cycling in Victoria but since moving to Caloundra a year ago, his fears of riding on the road have spiralled.

Mr Frewer has had more near misses while riding than spokes in his wheels.

Earlier this year he helped launch a Safe Pass, Drive Wide campaign to encourage the 1.5 metre passing rule.

He has also compiled a detailed map of all his close calls.

But, six months on, has anything changed?

"Most days are completely different, one day to the next always changes," Mr Frewer said. "Sixty per cent of passes are very safe, people slow down. Thirty per cent come closer than the law but it's not a drama.

"It's the 10 per cent that come within half the distance of you. When you have a car going at a fair tilt come within 50cm of you, it is scary."

Mr Frewer's views come after a Brisbane cyclist shared a video of heart-stopping near misses while on the road.

The video shows 10 close calls between home and the CBD, including almost being collected by a semi-trailer truck at night and almost being sideswiped by a Brisbane City Council bus.

Mr Frewer likened the feeling to standing with your back to an oncoming train, the train might brush past without harm, but it's sure to catch you off guard.

Are Coast roads unsafe for cyclists?

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"I certainly wouldn't get into cycling now, but it's too late, I have the bug," he said.

"I no longer ride the back areas unless I am with a group of cyclists. You feel too vulnerable and I know others feel the same."

Queensland Police Service support the Section 144A safe passing rule and issued a statement on Mr Frewer's concerns.

"The Sunshine Coast is a much-loved destination for cyclists with a variety of coastal and hinterland routes to challenge both recreational riders and competitive enthusiasts," the statement read.

"The QPS is committed to providing a safe environment for all road users and employ a variety of proactive and reactive strategies to target motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who engage in high risk road behaviour."

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