COURT DRAMA: Teresa Nottingham told a Gatton Magistrate she did not a drivers license as she was a “traveller”.
COURT DRAMA: Teresa Nottingham told a Gatton Magistrate she did not a drivers license as she was a “traveller”.

‘I don’t consent to being here’: Woman’s absurd outburst

A LAIDLEY woman has refused to properly identify herself or plead guilty or not guilty in court, saying she was a "traveller" and reserved her "dominion and nameable rights".

"I am here through threat of arrest and imprisonment," Teresa Nottingham said during her mention at Gatton Magistrates Court.

Refusing to any plea, the 57-year-old woman faced two charges of unlicensed driving, causing a stir in the courtroom.

When her charge was read, Teresa Nottingham talked over the top of Magistrate Kay Ryan and told the court she was not appearing in court by choice.

"I do not consent to these proceedings and your offer is not accepted," Nottingham said.

Ms Ryan told Nottingham she hadn't made her an offer but Nottingham continued.

"I demand that a bond be brought forward immediately," Nottingham said.

Ms Ryan asked the Laidley woman to confirm her identity.

"Are you Teresa Anne Nottingham?" Ms Ryan asked.

"That's a name that sounds like mine, yes," Nottingham said.

Ms Ryan accepted her response as confirmation.

"There are two charges before the court and I have not made you an offer," Ms Ryan said.

"I believe I was offered to come here," Nottingham replied.

Ms Ryan corrected her, telling the woman she had been served a notice to attend court.

"If you had not attended, there would have been an arrest," she said.

"You have two charges before the court - are you wishing to have those matters finalised or are you wishing to contest those matters?"

Nottingham told Ms Ryan she would like to deal with the charges - but there was a catch.

"I would like to find out if there is anyone here claiming I'm a government entity or employee of the government, was performing a government function at the time of the alleged offences or at any time for that matter," she said.

Ms Ryan was not impressed.

"Ms Nottingham, that does not make any sense whatsoever," she said.

"You have been charged with driving without a drivers license."

Nottingham again refused to plead either guilty or not guilty, instead demanding to be shown all evidence.

"I can't plea to that until I have full disclosure of all the evidence," she said.

"I do not consent to being here."

Nottingham questioned the police prosecutor, asking for his name and asking if he had "filed a cause of action" against her.

Ms Ryan told Nottingham it was not the time to be asking those sorts of questions.

"Actually, I have the right to a fair hearing today," Nottingham said.

Ms Ryan corrected her, telling her it was not a hearing at all and just a first mention.

"Today is a day for mentions to find out what you are doing (with the charges)," Ms Ryan said.

"If you wish to go to a hearing, you can air all of this at a hearing."

Nottingham asked that her charges be dismissed.

"I am not a government entity, nor am I in employment of the government," she said.

"I am not required to drive with a license - I am a traveller - I reserve my dominion and my nameable rights."

Ms Ryan told Nottingham the matter would be set down for a hearing at a later date.

"It will not be dismissed, you've been charged and it has to be fully dealt with in the court," Ms Ryan said.

The matter was adjourned and Nottingham was permitted to go at large.

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