Ian Robert Hunter
Ian Robert Hunter

Husband's DNA found on murder weapon

IAN Robert Hunter can't explain why his DNA was on a metal bar used to kill his wife.

Nor can he explain why DNA containing Vicki Ann Hunter's blood was under his fingernails.

Or why he woke up to a screen-door opening after previously describing himself as a deep sleeper.

All the Raceview man knows is that before 10pm on May 7, 2010, an intruder broke into his home, hit him and stole more than $3000.

Hunter was found bloodied and semi-conscious on the floor of the home the following morning.

Hunter has pleaded not guilty to killing his wife of 37 years and his version of events was revealed in a police interview played in the Supreme Court yesterday.

The jury watched the video as Ipswich detectives asked Hunter why his DNA was found on the end of the bar used to hit and murder Mrs Hunter, 55.

"I did not do this," Hunters told police. "I cannot explain it."

Hunter was also asked why his blood DNA was found on a light switch in the house away from the place he claimed he did not move from after being hit by an intruder.

Hunter told police he was woken by the sound of the screen-door opening, which he thought was Mrs Hunter returning home from work.

It was then, Hunter claims, he met the intruder.

But the interviewing detective asked why Hunter would have stirred if he previously admitted to being a heavy sleeper.

"I don't know, I just heard the noise and woke up," Hunter explained.

The jury has heard police found a set of footprints leading across the backyard of their Sonter St home and the consequential search for a pair of thongs.

Police, in the recorded interview, stated witnesses alleged Hunter had a pairs of thongs, which police could not find in a search of his home.

Hunter was asked during the interview if he wanted to stick to his original story, to which he firmly agreed.

The court heard Hunter had received a more than $70,000 superannuation pay-out and had spent thousands of dollars renovating his home.

Hunter told police Vicki handled their finances.

The trial in Brisbane continues.

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