The victim of a car theft received a mystery phone call, in which he was instructed to leave his vehicle parked in front of his home with the keys in the ignition.
The victim of a car theft received a mystery phone call, in which he was instructed to leave his vehicle parked in front of his home with the keys in the ignition.

HSV owner told: ‘Leave car outside or you’ll be shot’

A CHILLING 3am phone call warned a man that if he did not leave his HSV Holden Senator outside with the engine running, he would be shot by members of the "Northside Gang".

The victim, who lived at the bayside suburb of Scarborough, did as instructed.

A short time later he heard the sound of the V8 being driven away.

Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday heard police caught Nicholas Edmonds driving the stolen car two hours later, but he denied being the voice on the other end of the phone line, or the one who stole the vehicle from the victim's house.

Nicholas Jay Edmonds, 27, a tradesman from Inala, pleaded guilty to 10 charges including three counts of unlawful use of a stolen motor vehicle; failing to comply with duties of a driver involved in a crash; driving when disqualified by court order; and stealing.

He appeared from jail via video-link.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said the victim received a series of phone calls, starting from 3.09am. He answered the fifth call at 3.17am.

"A male voice said he was from the Northside gang and was coming over to pick up his car," Mr Scott said.

"He demanded he put it on the street with the engine running and keys left in the ignition or they would shoot him."

Mr Scott said the man was very worried and complied with the instructions, then heard the car being driven off.

Just after 8am, police saw the Holden being driven along Forest Lake Boulevard.

Mr Scott said the vehicle was going over the speed limit, and crossed onto the incorrect side of the road near where parents were dropping children at the St John's Anglican College primary school.

Moments earlier, it had collided with the rear of a vehicle at Alpine Place at the entry to a kindergarten.

Edmonds did not stop at the scene.

The court heard his licence was already disqualified until March 26, 2022.

Police sought an 18-month to two year jail term to start from the end of his existing sentence, and with parole eligibility after he serve at least six months.

Defence lawyer Nathan Hounsell said Edmonds was born in Nambour and grew up in the Redcliffe area.

As a teenager he played competitive golf but his drug use began at 18 when introduced to cannabis and methylamphetamine.

Mr Hounsell said Edmonds was not charged with making threats or stealing the car as he came into its possession afterwards.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess noted Edmonds was caught using stolen cars three times between April 27 and May 12 this year. He used them in fuel drive -offs..

She said his history included three counts of evading police in 2017.

"You are a persistent motor vehicle offender," Ms Sturgess said.

"You are not a child Mr Edmonds. You can't keep claiming you are a young man doing silly things.

"Your prospects of rehabilitation are bleak. Drug misuse led to this significant offending."

Edmonds was sentenced to 12-month jail term on each of three unlawful use charges, and four months jail for driving when disqualified.

He was disqualified from driving for three years.

Edmonds will be eligible to begin his application for parole from January 1, 2021.

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