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Jennifer Howard Rob Williams

Howard keen for girls to embark on science and tech careers

ENCOURAGING girls to take up science and technology careers will be a key focus for Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard.

Ms Howard has been speaking to key people at USQ and UQ about introducing a mentoring program for girls who haven't yet chosen their subjects for senior years but who might be wanting to embark on science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) careers.

"There is a real dearth of women taking on those roles and I want to promote science and innovation with a particular slant, by getting more girls engaged in those careers.

"These are the careers that shape our everyday life, but we can take them for granted.

"Town planning is an engineering career ... how our cities are laid out and how we connect from one place to the next through transport infrastructure.

"The reason girls haven't taken on these STEM subjects is because of a sense that girls don't do maths and engineering but it is a misnomer.

"Science and innovation is a really good fit for Ipswich. We have got the USQ campus and we have got the RAAF base and an aviation hub.

"There are opportunities for people to embark on creating science and innovation-type businesses locally."

Meanwhile, the Report on Domestic and Family Violence was handed over to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in February with 140 recommendations, many of which came from the Ipswich Domestic Violence Action Centre.

Ms Howard wants to see Ipswich become a driver for societal change.

"One of the things I am agitating for is to have pilot projects run out of Ipswich," Ms Howard said.

"I haven't been given that commitment, but Ipswich is one of five regions across Queensland that has been identified as a place to hold round tables where the minister will attend and key stakeholders. I really want to see a reduction in domestic and family violence in Ipswich."

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