The Bonell family.
The Bonell family. PlayStation Australia

How much Australia's largest family spends on groceries

AUSTRALIA'S largest family have taken to YouTube to share what they call a stock up shop.

Toowoomba based family the Bonnells is made up of mum Jeni and dad Ray, plus the 16 children Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn.

In the video, titled The Groceries Cost What??!??,  mum Jeni and daughter Sabrina travelled to the Wilsonton Coles for what Mrs Bonell said was a stock up shop.

"This is not a normal weekly shop," Mrs Bonell wrote in the video's description.

"This is a stock up shop. Freezer and pantry supplies were running a bit on the low side so we did a 'three trolley grocery buy, ouch. That was hard on the budget.

"Shout out to Sam who served us at the checkout. Thanks for being so patient and helpful."

The Bonell family's stock up shop.
The Bonell family's stock up shop. Bonell Family/YouTube

In the video, Mrs Bonell revealed the bill for the shop cost about $900.

"What you see... is an enormous grocery shop," she said.

You can watch the full shopping video below:

"There are eight boxes of sausages, 22 sausages per pack, 16 sausages per meal so that makes 11 meals.

"There are eight boxes of chick breast, three packs of six lamb chops.

"(It's) $875 worth of groceries."

The bill of the Bonell family's stock up shop.
The bill of the Bonell family's stock up shop. Bonell Family/YouTube

Mrs Bonell said the shop also included six three-litre bottles of milk and five loaves of bread, which both wouldn't last the week.

The shop also included numerous snacks and treats, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

The family also announced on social media it was expecting two grandchildren next year.

"During our Father's Day picnic we got the best surprise ever, not just one surprise, but two," the family wrote on Facebook. 

"Please join us in congratulating our son Karl and his wife Claire and also our daughter Brooke and her husband Jamie on their sweet blessings.

"Both arriving March 2019.

"Whoop, we get to be grandparents."