How many working dogs does it take to catch a runaway cow?

When Tatham dog trainer Robert Johnston had finished his working dog demonstration at the Kyogle Show, it was time to herd the cows into the truck.

With six dogs working together, it was an easy task.

Until one calf decided it had other ideas and despite the rally of dogs rounding it up, refused to be loaded.

The crowds watched the unplanned action as the dogs, almost like fielders in a cricket match worked together to eventually bring the calf into its right place.

Robert Johnston has won accolades and been Australian Champion of working dogs, and for the second year, he treated the audience to a detailed description of how he works his dogs and what makes a dog a good worker.

The dogs' skills were put to the test by the runaway cow.

All ended well, with the cow loaded and the dogs suitably satisfied.