How Ipswich police prepare for the biggest night of the year

IT'S the biggest night of the year for Ipswich police.

They are urging party-goers to plan ahead and use common sense as they ring in the New Year across the area.

District Officer Superintendent Charysse Pond said police were well-prepared for local celebrations during what was generally one of the busiest nights of the year for crews.

"The key to a great New Year's Eve is to plan ahead - this includes thinking about how much alcohol you're going to drink and how you're getting home," she said.

"Of course, if you're going to drink, don't get behind the wheel. Use public transport, or ride sharing services where possible or plan a designated driver.

"As well, if you are hosting a New Year's celebration, be sure to register your party with local police.

"Registering your party provides police the opportunity to supply you with advice and resources. And if things do go wrong on the night, police have the information necessary to quickly and effectively deal with any issues."

Main events in the district include an alcohol and smoke-free family event at North Ipswich Reserve from 5.30 until 9:30pm and a family event at Robelle Domain at Springfield from 5pm to 9pm.

People will see a significant police presence at these public areas.

"It is critical that everyone remains vigilant and if you do see anything suspicious, report it immediately," Supt Pond said.

"Police won't tolerate anti-social behaviour from party-goers. If you or anyone you're out with engages in violent or anti-social behaviour, we will not hesitate to take action.

"Unfortunately from time to time, we do see individuals engaging in anti-social behaviour on New Year's Eve. If you do see that happen, walk away, don't get involved and if necessary, contact police as soon as possible.

"New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate with family and friends and we want to see residents having a good time, safely and responsibly.

"Look out for your mates, keep your cool and see 2017 in with a good start."

New Year's Eve safety tips:

  • Use public transport or ride sharing services where possible and be patient with other commuters waiting for these services;
  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. If you feel threatened or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, leave immediately and go to a place where you feel safe;
  • Trust your instincts and recognise warning signs; Develop a network of people who will assist you in an emergency and let them know where you are going and when you are likely to return;
  • Look after your friends; Consider the necessity of the items you are carrying in your handbag or wallet, and try to keep valuables to a minimum.

Safety tips for those planning on drinking on New Year's Eve:

  • Plan ahead as to how many drinks you will have and stick to the plan by monitoring your drinking;
  • Book a ride home with a taxi or ride sharing service or designate a driver to ensure you and your friends get home safely;
  • Eat before and during drinking;
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at a sensible pace;
  • Avoid mixing drinks and finish each drink before you have another;
  • Get involved in other activities, for example playing pool or dancing;
  • Do not leave drinks unattended;
  • Only accept drinks from people you trust. Watch the staff members as they make your drink; and If someone offers to buy you a drink, go up to the bar with that person and accept the drink there.

Further information and personal safety tips can be located on the Queensland Police Service website at

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