How does your garden grow?

AS A youngster growing up in Sydney, I remember that our veggie garden didn't yield us a lot to eat.

That was a pity because I was one of six children and keeping us fed required mum making two supermarket visits each week. The only thing that grew well was the choco vine, which ended up destroying an entire fence.

Over the past decade, I have attempted to prove that a Chapman can succeed in the veggie patch and as such I have put in a garden wherever I have moved. I will admit I have struggled with the family curse and my crops have been small.

I have read books, I have spoken at length to the best home gardeners I could find and now I believe I am finally going to make it in the home garden stakes.

My new home in Ipswich has provided me with the chance to start from scratch and over the past week I have been a regular visitor to the Bunnings home garden section.

With limited space for a garden, I went for an above ground option and after speaking with Bunnings' garden expert, Jenny, I agreed to not fill it up with just any soil.

She loaded me up with a trolley full of all sorts of soil mixtures telling me that the price was irrelevant because these 18 bags mixed together would guarantee me success.

All sounds pretty easy doesn't it? Well pretty easy has now cost me close to $450.

The outlay has prompting my wife to tell me I will need to grow 300kg of tomatoes to recoup my outlay. I really didn't need her to remind me of the extent of my investment.

As all keen veggie gardeners know, it is not so much about what you save, it's more about what you harvest.

That said I am under intense pressure to make the garden work, I might say Jenny at Bunnings is also under pressure with her secret mix.

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