OPINION: House might be great, but what about neighbours?

A FRIEND was relating a disturbing story to me about how a crazy next door neighbour had forced them to sell their home less than 12 months after they moved in.

They had a small disagreement with these neighbours shortly after they unpacked their first boxes and the fight went down hill fast from that point on.

The story does highlight the fact that while you can take months selecting the home you want to buy, you won't have any idea what your neighbours are like until you move in.

Sure you can ignore them completely, but sooner or later you will bump into them or hear them over the fence.

As a child growing up we lived next door the crankiest old man in the neighbourhood and we'd have to wait until he'd gone out before we could retrieve any of the balls we'd accidentally kicked over the fence.

I have heard of a company that will actually investigate the street where you are planning to move to and give you a report on what you can expect from your new neighbours.

I thought that idea was ridiculous, but when you consider just to buy and sell a house can cost you $25,000-plus, it seems like it could be money well spent.

Fortunately we ended up with great neighbours; I trust you also have found new friends just over the fence.

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