Hot, sticky conditions for New Year weekend

WE'RE feeling hot, hot, hot.

It's about to get even hotter this New Year weekend with temperatures expected to spike seven degrees above average at up to 39 degrees.

Ipswich will swelter through hot, muggy and humid conditions on Saturday and Sunday before some potential rain and relief early next week.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Andrew Bufalino said even minimum forecast temperatures were set to be warm.


"Saturday is a mostly sunny day, we've got some pretty hot temperatures around the region, 38 to 39 degrees and there are similar conditions on New Years Day too around 37 to 38," he said.

"The minimum will also be quite warm, around 22 to 23 degrees and no showers or rain around what soever, it will be quite dry.

"Into the afternoon it will be quite humid too, so the evenings will be quite muggy and moist."

Mr Bufalino said the same conditions would persist into next week.

"Into the new week there will still be some warm conditions around with the chance of a storm," he said.

"We will be most inclined to see shower activity with a slight rumble around but still a bit of uncertainty with how extensive the thunderstorm activity will be but none the less still some showers.

"Into Tuesday and beyond there will be some south easterlies so temperatures will be below average, around the 27 degree mark with some shower activity, three to four degrees below average.

"They will be much cooler conditions, much more pleasant compared to what we're going to feel on the weekend."

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