TEAM BONDING: Ipswich Hospital emergency department staff took part in the popular Git Up Challenge.
TEAM BONDING: Ipswich Hospital emergency department staff took part in the popular Git Up Challenge. Navarone Farrell

Surprising reaction to nurses dancing the #gitupchallenge

STAFF from Ipswich Hospital's emergency team showed they had a few extra tricks up their sleeve outside the hustle, bustle and stress of the department.

A video of emergency department workers taking part in the popular Git Up Challenge, dancing along in unison to Blanco Brown's The Git Up, was a hit online after it was posted to West Moreton Health's Facebook page.

It was a chance for staff to let their hair down and bond during a particularly busy winter period at the hospital.

Emergency department nurse unit manager Kirsty Franklin said all ED staff were offered the chance to participate but not all those who took part in rehearsals could be involved in the recorded event due to the nature of their work.

Staff worked on the dance for six weeks during lunch times and before and after shifts.

"Working in such a busy department can be overwhelming sometimes," she said.

"The Ipswich emergency team tries to remain positive at all times and this was part of the initiative. This is particularly important in the line of work we do as our workplace culture directly relates to the type of care we provide and this is why initiatives like this are so important."

The overwhelming positive response to the three minute clip were littered with the expected negative retorts on social media, which complained of 'time wasting' from hospital staff.

Kylie Baker: "How on earth did you manage to get this together amid all the rush and busy of the day? Shows that Ippy is more than just a workplace. I am so proud and trying to work out how to share with twitter....."

Jodie Redenbach: "Great mental health release. You guys are truly angels in disguise. Thank you for everything you do and all you put up with whilst always remaining calm under pressure.❤️❤️"

Emma Taylor: "Some people see a group dancing, the downers see people wasting time. What I see is: The mental health benefits something as simple as this has on our over worked emergency staff. The connections this builds in the team which only serves to make the team stronger. And I see a group of amazing people who I have interacted with more times than I like so far this year but who have made a bad experience as positive as it could possibly be because even just watching and listening to them interact with each other, joke with each other and work with each other allowed the patients around them to relax, why? Because a solid team like these guys functions more effectively and efficiently.

"So ignore the haters and keep doing what you are doing because you are doing a fantastic job."

Crystal Marie: "It's probably the only good thing that hospital can do."

Stephanie Hollands: "Crystal Marie I was going to say the same thing. I'd like to see a video of them doing something productive instead of wasting their time on dancing and failing patients. I hate Ipswich hospital with a passion, they are the reason my daughter has brain damage and this actually made me angry to watch.
"Get back to work and do your job properly!"

Yogi Mocha: "How's saving life's and looking after the patients🤔"

Maxine Levi: "They out here dancing meanwhile we've been waiting in the emergency room for nearly 11hrs just to be seen by a doctor 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ but hey that's Ipswich for you. Dancing over dying 😂🤦🏽‍♀️"

Ms Franklin said activities like this, all done outside of working hours, were vital for morale for those working in such a stressful environment.

"Our emergency department staff work together as a high-performing team, and these types of activities where we are having fun really foster team building," she said.

"When people are at their most vulnerable in life-threatening situations you need a high-functioning team to provide the best care possible.

"We were absolutely amazed and thankful for the supportive comments that we received on our Facebook page. It was so great that something we did as a team-building exercise made so many other people feel happy as well."

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