Hospital is coping well

IT'S BACK to business as usual for the Ipswich Hospital after its emergency department noted an influx of people presenting with flood-related injuries last week.

The hospital has also been busy since the floods began, putting information out to the public on how to minimise infections and disease during the big clean-up.

Darling Downs West Moreton Health Service District CEO Pam Lane said the hospital was coping well with demand for its services.

“During last week's storms and their immediate aftermath, our emergency department saw an increase in people presenting with cuts, scratches and similar injuries,” Ms Lane said.

“However, hospital activity levels are currently around their normal levels. So far they have not seen a significantly heightened rate of infection or disease due to floods.”

She said Ipswich residents appeared to have been following the medical advice Queensland Health had distributed to the public through the media and fact sheets.

The advice includes wearing gloves and boots while cleaning up and washing your hands regularly.

People are also encouraged to wear a hat while they are out in the sun cleaning up.

Queensland Health is providing free tetanus immunisations to anyone who feels they need to be protected, including those cleaning their homes and businesses, and the legions of volunteers giving them a hand.

These have been provided across more than 21 sites, including evacuation centres, recovery centres and volunteer sign-up sites, and in mobile vaccination clinics located in some of the worst-affected areas of Brisbane and Ipswich.

This is in addition to specific clinics located in hospitals and community health centres and vaccinations provided by more than 60 GPs who have agreed to bulk-bill.

There are also mental health support services for people who have been affected by the floods.

Anyone wanting more information should call 13HEALTH or visit

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