Horror story grips QT Facebook followers

QT READERS were horrified to read that the body of a girl found in a suitcase next to a South Australian highway was that of two-year-old Khandalyce Kiara Pearce.

Khandalyce was the daughter of Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson, whose body was found in Belanglo State Forest in 2010.

A joint-agency operation, involving Homicide Squads from South Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory, and ACT Police, has been established.

QT Facebook followers this week expressed their dismay at these tragic events, while also posting tributes to Khandalyce.

Marian Johnson posted: She now has a name and will no longer just be " the little girl in the suitcase" Khandalyce, you and your mummy were taken too soon. May you both now rest in peace. And whoever did this to you, be brought to justice and pay for their crimes.

Kaysey Deacon added: How sad for the mum and daughter. At least they are together. No doubt the police have a suspect in mind.

Gillian Hillier: Poor little darling may she rest in peace with her mum - so very sad.

Mariz Centeno de Arce: Poor little girl.. May she rest in peace now together with her mummy.

Sandra List: This is so very sad.. Hoping the culprits are brought to justice soon.

Loren Waites praised the work of police: Amazing work by the police and others, just amazing.

Others wondered at the type of person that would harm an innocent child.

Kate Moffatt posted: Jail is too good for that thing; man or woman, you are just a thing.

Janette Howells: Hope whoever did this does not get off lightly like a lot of others.

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