Ipswich Hornets batsman Harry Wood provided some resistance in a disappointing Queensland Premier Grade match for his team. Picture: Gary Reid
Ipswich Hornets batsman Harry Wood provided some resistance in a disappointing Queensland Premier Grade match for his team. Picture: Gary Reid

Hornets walk finals’ tightrope: Last chance to make semis

IN a sport where momentum is everything, the Ipswich Hornets must win their final home match to have any chance of making this season's Queensland Premier Grade finals.

As coach Aaron Moore aptly described: "It's almost like a quarter-final for us this round.''

With only the top four qualifying for the finals, the Hornets need to overcome Sandgate-Redcliffe who beat Souths in their latest encounter.

The Hornets have the advantage of playing that two-day game at Walker Oval, starting next Saturday.

"Anyone in the top six can make the finals,'' Moore said, reflecting on the closeness of this year's top grade competition.

University and Norths have already qualified with Hornets in a cluster of teams still battling for the other two spots.

Moore knows the Hornets must regroup quickly after two disappointing batting efforts in the latest outright loss to competition leaders University.

"We just lost momentum, wickets in clumps really,'' Moore said.

"Hopefully we can learn from that. We've been talking about ways to get better there.''

Hornets head coach Aaron Moore. Picture: Cordell Richardson
Hornets head coach Aaron Moore. Picture: Cordell Richardson

The Hornets were building well for a finals spot after beating Redlands in their previous match.

But only making 116 and 126 against a strong opponent was never going to be enough runs at St Lucia.

Fast bowler Callum Henderson caused the Hornets batsmen plenty of problems, snaring 8/29 in the second innings.

Fresh from a century in his previous game, Harry Wood displayed his tenacity, showing handy runs in both innings.

Captain Anthony Wilson and bowler Rowan Lutter also offered some minor resistance.

"We found it hard to build partnerships,'' Moore said.

"On the first day, we struggled for momentum there and again yesterday we lost wickets in a row.

"Previously, we've been pretty good at regaining a partnership with strong rotation.

"We know we are capable of it.

"We just had probably three real bad half hours in the game and Uni are that good, they will make you pay.''

The head coach said the Hornets had plenty to play for.

"We know fate's still in our hands,'' he said. "If we pretty much win, we're in the top four.''

However, the Hornets Second Graders are out of the finals hunt after losing their latest game against University at Walker Oval.

The Hornets first grade women lost today's clash to the Gold Coast as they look to hold on to second spot.

The Hornets women second graders continued their march to the finals, beating Wests today.


Qld Premier Grades

Ipswich Hornets v University

1st Grade at St Lucia

Ipswich Hornets 116

University 3 (dec) 141

Hornets 2nd Innings

Dan Wilson lbw Henderson 19 (33)

Levi Thomson-Mathews c Fry b Sanders 0 (4)

Harry Wood c Fry b Henderson 30 (45)

Lachlan Prince c Fry b Henderson 0 (1)

Jack Wood c Walter b Henderson 0 (3)

Anthony Wilson b Sale 42 (76)

Jake Cross c Walter b Henderson 14 (51)

Michael Topp c Fry b Henderson 8 (24)

Rowan Lutter not out 6 (16)

Adam Smith c Philipson b Henderson 5 (12)

Sean Lutter lbw Henderson 0 (1)

Extras (1b 1w) 2

Total (44.2ov) 126

FoW: 0, 34, 34, 34, 61, 102, 114, 114, 126, 126

Bowling: Scott Walter 8/2/16/0; W. Sanders 10/2/37/1; M. Philipson 5/1/27/0; C. Henderson 8.2/1/29/8; N. Sale 13/3/13/.1

Uni 2nd Innings

J. Carty c Cross b D. Wilson 36 (40)

M. Philipson c Topp b S. Lutter 9 (15)

J. Clayton not out 38 (98)

J. Coetzee c H. Wood b J. Wood 1 3(33)

S. Henry not out 5 (21)

Extras (1b) 1

Total (34.3ov) 3/102

FoW: 26, 52, 81

Bowling: Adam Smith 5/1/17/0; Sean Lutter 4/0/25/1; Jack Wood 13/0/40/1; Dan Wilson 12.3/4/19/1.

Uni win outright by seven wickets.


2nd Grade at Walker Oval

Hornets 1st Innings 184

University 1st Innings

P. Woodford c Andrews b McAteer 55 (120)

M. Herring c Austin b Creevey 33 (84)

M. Clayton lbw McAteer 6 (26)

M. Daldy c Creevey b Waters 48 (43)

H. Gardiner b Trigar 44 (73)

W. Carty lbw Trigar 26 (42)

J. Geraghty c Plummer b McAteer 18 (27)

H. Walker c Andrews b McAteer 20 (23)

T. Lord c Plummer b Trigar 0 (4)

J. Lindsay not out 1 (3)

C. McNeven run out (McAteer) 6 (6)

Extras (6b 1w 7nb) 14

Total (74ov) 271

FoW: 88, 99, 108, 169, 210, 226, 249, 262, 264, 271

Bowling: Dylan McAteer 25/3/91/3; Josh Creevey 17/6/50/1; Ryan Plummer 2/0/10/0; Jacob Waters 8/1/29/1; Will Trigar 11/0/68/4;Nick De Giusti 3/2/4/0; Lachlan Vellacott 8/3/13/0.

Hornets 2nd Innings

Matt Andrews not out 20 (51)

Harry Austin c Walker b Lindsay 14 (19)

Sula Fernando not out 3 (14)

Extras (1lb) 1

Total (14ov) 1/38

FoW: 18

Bowling: C. McNeven 4/3/4/0; J. Lindsay 6/0/22/1; M. Herring 3/0/8/0; M. Daldy 1/0/3/0.

Uni win by six wickets when passed total.

Women's Cricket

1st Grade: Gold Coast 158 (50) - Olivia Winter 2/18 (6), Ruth Johnston 2/20 (7), Ellie Johnston 1/27 (7), Olivia Bennett 1/16 (4), Keely Freiberg 1/20 (9), Ella Harvey 10/1/29/3 defeated  Ipswich Hornets 97(29.5) - Ellie Johnston 52 (34), Ella Harvey 14* (33) .

2nd Grade: Ipswich Hornets 9/112 (37.5) - Imogene Fisk-Walsh 73* (93), Jasmine Lewis 10 (29) defeated  Western Suburbs 8/111(40) - Jasmine Lewis 1/17 (4), Macy Hauser 1/12 (7), Sarah Walker 2/17 (8), Trinity Doyle 1/11(6), Samantha Bremner 1/10 (4), Emily Titmarsh 1/16 (4). 

Over 40s: Ipswich Hornets 1/117(14.) defeated  South Brisbane 116.       

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