Homeless criminal snatched handbags, chicken, cash

AN IPSWICH criminal resorted to stealing half a chicken, snatching two women's handbags and grabbing handfuls of cash from a supermarket till as methods of fending for himself when he "lost control of his life".

Over a two month period Clint Wade Fechner, 45, terrorised unsuspecting victims as he tried to get by while living on the streets.

It came to an end when he snatched a woman's handbag from her shoulder as she used an ATM at Riverlink before police caught him and took him into custody on the same day in November last year.

"I thought she could handle it, I know her and she's a tough bird," he told police after he was caught.

Ipswich District Court yesterday heard the friendship between the pair "was not as vibrant as it once was".

He snatched the bag a month after he grabbed a fist full of cash from the register at a Riverlink supermarket.

He had an argument with the cashier about the cost of a $1.20 bottle of soft drink before he took the opportunity to run off with about $200 cash.

A customer standing in line behind Fechner tried to stop him and took chase when he fled the scene.

The court heard Fechner breached parole, a suspended sentence and bail when he committed some of the offences.

Fechner pleaded guilty to one count each of attempted robbery and robbery with violence and nine summary offences including two counts of stealing and stealing from the person.

The court heard one of the summary offences related to Fechner stealing a woman's handbag when she playing the pokies at a Brassall hotel last September.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment with parole on November 10 and 263 days pre sentence custody was declared.

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