Home invasion role ‘a mistake’: Rockhampton court hears

ROCKHAMPTON'S Prince Edgar Oakley said he just made a mistake as he described his involvement in a home invasion that resulted in an infant's head being stomped on.

Facing Rockhampton District Court on Monday, Oakley, 30, pleaded guilty to charges including burglary, assault while armed, assault while in company and common assault.

The court heard Oakley was one of eight men intent on revenge who had gone to an Alma St residence in Rockhampton on August 18 in 2012, looking for two men.

Instead, two other innocent men and an 18-month-old infant received injuries during the invasion.

Crown prosecutor Russell Hood went through Oakley's long criminal history before describing the home invasion as vigilante action, with young and vulnerable victims.

Oakley's defence barrister, Ross Lo Monaco, said Oakley was part of the group who assaulted the three people but he had not used a weapon or stolen anything, like some of the others involved in the assault. He also said the home invasion seemed to be a spontaneous decision and they had not meant to injure a child.

Last week Oakley was also found guilty by a jury of the assault and attempted rape, and common assault of a woman described as being deaf and mute.

The court heard on Monday that Oakley had assaulted the woman near Moores Creek, had tried to force her to perform a sexual act on him, and had kicked and punched her.

Judge Smith sentenced Oakley for both crimes on Monday, noting that Oakley had been involved in the home invasion while on bail for the attempted rape charges.

Oakley was sentenced to a cumulative eight years in total - four years for each of the crimes.

Oakley, having already served 330 days of his sentence, will be eligible for parole on July 17, 2015.

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