Two-and-a-half years after Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli met - and married - on the reality television juggernaut Married At First Sight, the couple reveal they're more in love than ever.

"We work from home and sit next to each other on our laptops. We go to the gym together, we go on our walks together," Brunelli tells Stellar On Friday.

“Things couldn’t be better.” (Picture: Steven Chee)
“Things couldn’t be better.” (Picture: Steven Chee)

In fact, they even share a water bottle, and... a toothbrush? "We have one electric toothbrush with two different heads," Kalifatidis clarifies. "But yeah, we're actually quite gross."


However, had the pair met "in real life" rather than on a dating show, they admit they probably wouldn't be where they are now - that is, happily committed and living together at Bondi Beach. Both readily confess they weren't each other's type, although Kalifatidis isn't too impressed by Brunelli's admission.


"I'm offended by that," the popular influencer says, turning to her boyfriend. "I feel like you dated everything that had a heartbeat on Tinder." As she explains to Stellar On Friday, "When I met Michael, his thumbs were actually flat from using Tinder so much. His standards were so low."


The couple laugh knowingly, making it clear they have discussed this at length many times before.

Find more exclusives in this Sunday’s Stellar.
Find more exclusives in this Sunday’s Stellar.

While last year's time in lockdown only drew them closer together as a couple, the pair reveal they've also been busy working on some individual goals. Brunelli says he has "big plans" to expand his successful online personal-training business, while Kalifatidis is hard at work creating her own skincare brand.


"It's my life," she says. "I'm obsessed with skin care, truly. It's not just something that I post about because I get paid to. I've been this beauty girl since [I got] my very first Revlon eye-shadow palette when I was 14."


And for now, they say, all is right in their world. "Martha is my best friend," Brunelli reveals. "She's the person I go to whenever there's a problem. I can trust her opinion with every decision I make. Things couldn't be better."

Originally published as 'His standards were so low': MAFS bride reveals love after TV

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