Times Past with QT history columnist Beryl Johnston.
Times Past with QT history columnist Beryl Johnston. Claudia Baxter

His Royal Highness cheered

ON July 28, 1920, his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales passed through Ipswich by train and was given a stirring reception. It was a memorable occasion and the first glimpse of our future king. The people saw a smiling prince who acknowledged the cheering and the flags. The prince was on his way to Brisbane and would return to Ipswich for an official visit on Saturday, July 31. Businesses would close that day for the prince's visit.

During the Ipswich visit, the prince would proceed via Union, Nicholas and Brisbane streets to Queens Park for a civic reception, then to the town hall for lunch. The Prince was in Ipswich from 11.45am until he left by train at 2.15pm. Although the royal visitor was not in attendance, one of the functions to be held during that weekend was a commemorative ball which had been promoted by a group of ladies in co-operation with the members of the Ipswich sub-branch of the RSSILA. The proceeds were devoted to the Soldiers Memorial Hall. The escort which was to attend the prince on his Ipswich tour was equipped at the drill-shed. Arms and equipment were issued to 20 members. Major WAB Steele was officer in charge of guards and escorts.

At Laidley, invitations were sent to widows and mothers of soldiers, soldiers, sailors, nurses, Red Cross and Comfort Fund workers, members of committees of state schools, teachers and scholars, and local cadets, so that they were able to welcome his Highness the Prince of Wales as he passed through the township on Tuesday, July 27. Also in attendance was the Woodlands Brass Band. Soldiers, sailors and nurses assembled near the Laidley Railway Station which was decorated for the great occasion.


THE Roman Catholic Convent and school at Rosewood were dedicated by the RC Archbishop of Brisbane Dr Duhig on January 29, 1922. Members of the HACR Society formed a guard of honour for the Archbishop, and Father McKenna welcomed him and the visiting priests. Father McKenna extended a welcome to the Sisters of Mercy who would open the school on January 30. Dr Duhig delivered an interesting address. He welcomed the Sisters of Mercy and the fact that the building to become the school had previously been a church. He said education was essential in the progress of any country.

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