NEW BEGINNING: Alak Ajang has completed two diplomas and a university degree after moving to Australia from Kenya.
NEW BEGINNING: Alak Ajang has completed two diplomas and a university degree after moving to Australia from Kenya. Ashleigh Howarthms

Alak Ajang has succeeded despite life's challenges

WHEN Alak Ajang was growing up in a wartorn country, he used to learn by writing in the sand.

Getting an education was very hard to achieve given the conflict that was occurring in his home land of South Sudan.

"It was very hard living in South Sudan because there was a civil war and people were very depressed and stressed," he said.

"There was not a lot of food or water, and people had to walk everywhere, sometimes up to 1000km.

"It was not also a good place to learn because there weren't many facilities around."

To escape the conflict, his family fled to Kenya when he was 13 years old. They were placed in a refugee camp with no clean water, limited food and no access to a proper education.

"Life in Kenya was terrible. Living in a refugee camp was very hard," Mr Ajang said.

"Just like in South Sudan, there were not a lot of opportunities to learn and get an education. The highest level of schooling was year 12, but not everybody went to school.

"If you did finish, there were no job opportunities available to you afterwards."

But despite a hard childhood of growing up in war torn areas, and countries with limited opportunities, Mr Ajang was committed to making a better life for himself and receive an education.

He moved to Australia in 2005, determined to take advantage of all the opportunities which his new home could offer him.

He enrolled in an English college and completed his final three years of high school.

Today, Mr Ajang lives in Redbank Plains and has accomplished his dream of furthering his education by completing two diplomas at Evocca College Goodna and a bachelor degree from the University of Southern Queensland Springfield.

He completed a Diploma of Business and a Diploma of Management from Evocca College, which gave him the necessary credits to apply for university.

"Evocca was a great place that allowed me to get into the habit of studying and learning, which would set me up for studying at university," he said.

"The two diplomas I completed at Evocca greatly helped me in my Bachelor of Business, majoring in management and leadership.

"Thanks to Evocca, I was also credited one year, which means I'm able to finish sooner.

"I will graduate from university this May, and my new dream now is to get a good job so I can continue supporting my family both here in Australia and my family back in Kenya.

"As I love learning so much, I might even complete another degree or do my masters."

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