Hero has drug fine reduced

A GRANTHAM resident who was caught with drugs has had his fine reduced because he helped save a family caught in floodwater.

Gatton Magistrates Court this week heard how Steven Lionel Heathcote helped rescue a couple and their two young children as a wave of water tore through the town on January 10.

Heathcote’s defence lawyer used his client’s “heroic” actions as a testament of his character after the prosecution gave details of his drug-use history.

Heathcote was caught on September 24 with 1.9 grams of methamphetamines and a pipe with traces of the drug.

The drugs were found in a cigarette packet after police searched his home.

The court was told Heathcote had not used drugs since he was about 20, some 12 years ago.

The abattoir worker only began reusing drugs last year after a bad break-up, the court heard.

Heathcote’s defence lawyer told the court his client “ended up putting up the family (he had rescued) in his house for four days after the floods”.

“That’s just an indication of the type of person he is,” the lawyer said.

Heathcote, 32, pleaded guilty to possessing utensils or pipes and possessing dangerous drugs.

Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck said he had reduced the fine marginally because Heathcote had assisted with the Lockyer Valley flood disaster.

Heathcote was fined $1000.

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