Police are at the scene.
Police are at the scene. Mitchell Bazley

Dramatic arrest under house after 60 minute man hunt

UPDATE 2.15PM: POLICE have taken the wanted man into custody. 

In a dramatic arrest, police captured the man under a house in Challenger Street.

Police have arrested a man in Challenger St after an hour long man hunt
Police have arrested a man in Challenger St after an hour long man hunt Mitchell Bazley

UPDATE 2.10PM: POLICE are on the tail of a wanted man in the Beaconsfield area with the suspect last seen in the Shiral Drive area. 

The man is reportedly on foot and jumping fences in the Shiral Drive and Jarrah St area. 

The owner of the vehicle stolen from a Bedford Rd home, which has since been dumped, has just returned home to the mayhem. 

Noel Grinn, aged 50, told a Daily Mercury reporter at the scene he couldn't quite believe what had happened. 

He said his vehicle was unregistered and had been locked up in the back shed. 

"I was at work while it was happening, when I heard about it I thought it was a bit of a joke but I came home and I was really cranky about it," Mr Grinn said. 

"I came home and I found that my Holden Commodore ute had been stolen which I'm absolutely furious about." 

Mr Grinn's neighbour Heath Carroll, 35, said he also had a run in with the wanted man. 

"He went through my ute and obviously tried to drive off with it but fortunately I had the keys," Mr Carroll said. 

UPDATE 2PM: POLICE have established cordons in the Beaconsfield area as the hunt for a wanted man continues. 

The man, who is understood to have stolen two vehicles, was last seen running on foot on Challenger Street heading towards Eaglemount Rd. 

The man is described as wearing red shorts. 

Anyone who sees the man should contact 000. 

UPDATE 1.45PM: THE MAN at the centre of a police chase in the Andergrove and Beaconsfield area is believed to have ditched a stolen vehicle and fled on foot. 

The man reportedly cut through a property on Challenger Street and was last seen heading towards Eaglemount Road. 

The stolen vehicle has been located at a Brand Court address. 

Police are positioned at various locations around the area. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 1.35PM: A STOLEN vehicle involved in a chase in the Andergrove area has been driven into a park. 

Reports indicate police are tracking the vehicle, which has been driven through bushland at Broomdykes Drive Park. 

It has since exited the park and is being driven erratically in the Broomdykes Drive area. 

Residents are urged to avoid the area.

BREAKING 1.25PM: POLICE have converged on the Andergrove and North Mackay area as they attempt to take a wanted man into custody.

While it is unknown at this stage what sparked the manhunt, police were earlier positioned on Bedford Road where the person of interest had reportedly 'gone to ground'.

He has reportedly since stolen a vehicle from a Bedford Road address and has attempted to ram a police vehicle.

Police are preparing to deploy stingers in the area.

The vehicle was last seen on Tropical Avenue.

Scenes of Crime officers have been called to the address from which the vehicle was stolen.

Residents are urged to avoid the area.

More to come.

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