Healthy culture major boost for club morale

CREATING a healthy and comfortable environment for all members of the club is essential.

It will boost club morale, increase community profiles and enable a club to increase its success through retention of and increase members.

The best environment is important to allow members greater opportunity to be involved in the club as a player/volunteer to help shape the development of club activities and initiatives.

Success or failure is directly related to the operations and culture of a club and those clubs that shape their culture will have the greatest chance of success.

For example, when staff, players and members walk out of the club gates, their responsibilities and representations of the club don't necessarily end.

The club, players, members, coaches, officials and volunteers will always be under scrutiny, especially in social settings.

With the right people and culture at your club, you too will have success both on and off the field.

Make money

"SUPER Tuesday" is Australia's largest visual bike count and takes place annually in regional and metropolitan areas across Australia.

On September 3, bike riders will be counted on their morning commute in Ipswich, with the data going to help local councils identify how and where bike facilities can be improved.

Council is seeking volunteers to count bike riders at designated count sites. For every volunteer, $50 will be donated to a non-profit organisation that you nominate. Visit super-tuesday.

Win terrific football

WANT to get your hands on a footy personally signed by Melbourne, Queensland and Australian rugby league captain Cameron Smith?

As part of Ipswich Green Legion's promotion for the Ipswich Jets final home game this weekend, all Green Legion members that attend will go in the draw.

Find out more at

Inception of the modern-day firey

premium_icon Inception of the modern-day firey

Sea shanties sung as blaze is fought

Men's shed a place to play a constructive role

premium_icon Men's shed a place to play a constructive role

Mateship makes world go round

IN PHOTOS: Police swarm to Silkstone, neighbours evacuated

premium_icon IN PHOTOS: Police swarm to Silkstone, neighbours evacuated

Queensland Police declared a public emergency in Silkstone on Friday

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