'Have to lose a couple to win a couple' says coach

Brad Dutton (right) will take on official coaching duties from Josh Roberts (left) this season.
Brad Dutton (right) will take on official coaching duties from Josh Roberts (left) this season. Rob Williams

INCOMING player-coach Brad Dutton hopes losing the past two Greater Brisbane League grand finals will light a fire under the Musketeers this season.

The Ipswich side have made the GBL decider the past two campaigns, only to fall to competition juggernaut Windsor on both occasions.

"It has (lit a fire), Ipswich hadn't been in that situation in a while before making the grand final and losing to a good Windsor side," Dutton said.

"To go back and lose again hurt a lot more, so hopefully this year we don't assume we'll make it, but it makes us hungrier to get there again and beat a team like Windsor."

Windsor have won the past four GBL titles but it took a while to build into that period of dominance, and Dutton sees similarities with the Musketeers.

"They've won it four years in a row, but they also lost (the grand final) a few times before they got on that streak," Dutton said.

"So if we can take anything out of that, it's that you have to lose a couple to win a couple."

At least on paper, the Musketeers look to be better equipped for a shot at the title than in previous seasons.

"The last two years we've made the grand final and our teams have been pretty good, but with the people we're getting this year I think we can be even better," Dutton said.

"If everyone plays to their ability, hopefully we can give it another big crack."

Dutton will take over the official coaching duties from Josh Roberts, but he does not see much changing.

"Even though I wasn't officially player-coach last year, I still had that role in just talking with Josh about things," Dutton said.

"I assume it will be the same again this year. My name will be on the paper, but we'll still throw ideas at each other."

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