NEW EP: Walter, Isaac and Angelo from Brisbane's Mecha Mecha play the Black Bear Lodge tonight.
NEW EP: Walter, Isaac and Angelo from Brisbane's Mecha Mecha play the Black Bear Lodge tonight. USQ

Hard to miss such trail-blazing talent

EMERGE's Calen Le Couteur recently sat down with Walter, Isaac and Angelo from Brisbane's Mecha Mecha, to talk about their sophomore EP, Blink and You'll Miss It.

C: How did Mecha Mecha first form?

W: I started it as a covers band in 2014 just to get our playing together, we played some Credence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles and a bit of Nirvana.

C: How did you land on the band name Mecha Mecha?

W: It's purely practical in the sense that its aesthetic, and you're saying it twice. So every time you say it you're advertising it twice basically. It's colloquial for something that's chaotic or out of place which I really like.

C: Who are some of your influences as a band?

W: For us it's Muse, Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tool, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Royal Blood recently and a little bit of The Wombats.

I: The Strokes

A: Some less obvious ones would be Rage Against The Machine and Primus.

C: Can you tell us about your recently released single, Your Choice?

W: Your Choice is nice because every previous member we've had in the band has left their mark on it, so it's kind of the culmination of the best of the previous members. Then Isaac added the final touches to it before we recorded it and it's the best it's ever sounded. Every time we've gotten someone to work on it, the song has just gotten better. It was a really simple song that I wrote in about 30 minutes with a guitar, then 10 minutes at a rehearsal it was ready to go.

I: It's actually changed names a couple of times as well, it used to be called Bull By The Horns.

W: But we don't actually say that in the song so we were told to change it for marketing reasons (laughs).

C: On July 27, you guys will be launching the EP at The Black Bear Lodge, what can we expect from that gig?

W: Really good quality music, we are trying to think of a way we can make it more exotic. We've got two awesome local bands playing before us, it's going to be an awesome night.

I: I suggested Walter fight a bear but he wasn't keen.

W: I guess we could have a Battle of the Bands but an actual Battle so we actually fight each other.

I: Then someone at the end gets to fight the Black Bear!

W: Isaac's never been to the Black Bear Lodge, there isn't a bear I'm sorry to tell you (laughs).

C: What has been the best gig Mecha Mecha has ever played and why?

W: We played at MardiGrass this year, which was a lot of fun, our dad helped us make a little Festival called Goats on Grass 2 The G2 Summit. That was a lot of fun for everyone but us because we were running the thing but it was a really good gig.

C: Do you guys have any dream venues to be able to perform at?

I: Mine is Letterman Live but he's retired, we could bust him out of retirement home one day and get him to MC.

W: We could play in his retirement home.

I: That would be just as good.

W: The dream for me would be to play at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

C: Who are some of your favourite Queensland bands?

W: Violent Soho and The Steel Syndicate.

I: Also Powderfinger obviously and stuff like that.

C: What are some of your favourite recent releases?

W: I've been non-stop listening to Royal Blood's new album, which is called How Did We Get So Dark, and I saw them at Splendor and it blew my little mind.

I: I like Chaos Chaos.

C: What are you looking forward to in the second half of 2017?

W: Our EP launch (laughs), there's not a rest of the year after that.

C: If you only had three words to describe your upcoming EP, which three words would you use?

W: We'll have one each

A: Really-Really-Great

I: Egg-sucking

W: Plagiarised.

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