Hall slams Gal’s ‘hollow’ backstage stunt


Barry Hall has given Paul Gallen another clip, this time without the gloves.

The AFL star outed Gallen's "hollow" act on Monday, accusing the NRL great of playing up for the cameras when they met in the dressing room after their Code War fight ended in a draw on Friday night.

Gallen took exception to Hall's lack of promotional work in the lead-up to the fight at Melbourne's Margaret Court Arena and said before they touched gloves he wasn't going to share a beer with the former Swans captain.

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While they caught up after their slugfest, Hall revealed Gallen stayed true to his word and they didn't sit down for an ale together.

Hall also took a jab at Gallen for being insincere when he came to visit the Aussie rules icon after the dust had settled. Hall suggested Gallen only made an appearance in his dressing room and offered up some words because someone from betting agency Sportsbet - who decked the Cronulla great out in custom clothes with the slogan "Smash Barry" - was in the rooms with a camera to capture the moment.

"We didn't catch up for a beer - I certainly had a beer, that's for sure. I had about 400," Hall said in a radio interview with SEN SA.

"No, we didn't catch up. He came in the rooms afterwards and made little bit of a speech but there was a Sportsbet guy there with a camera.

"I'm like, 'If that's a sincere, I want to actually catch up and say well done' … it's not really the way to do it.

"I would have done it without the camera. I think he was just doing it for the camera to be honest.

"It was a bit hollow."

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Hall is kicking himself for missing a golden opportunity against Gallen, revealing the biggest mistake he made in the ring.

One judge gave the fight to Gallen but the other two couldn't split the retired footy greats and both men had their arms raised as the result left a bitter taste in fans' mouths.

Aussie boxing legend Danny Green said in commentary on Main Event he believes Hall won the fight because he landed the cleaner blows, while Gallen was steaming, claiming he'd been robbed of a rightful victory because he was the more aggressive fighter who kept coming forward all night.

Hall has been relatively circumspect in the aftermath, not wanting to make similar boasts about how he should have won. The AFL Hall of Famer believes he hit Gallen with crisper punches and while he and his team are confident they should have come out on top, the 42-year-old wasn't crying foul.

Partly, that's because he knows he could have taken the decision out of the judges' hands by being more aggressive in the final stages of the six-round fight. Hall's biggest regret from the bout is that he didn't follow up and punish Gallen as much as he should have when he had the Sharks legend on the back foot.

Hall touched on that after the fight but elaborated more on his biggest mistake on SEN SA.

"Once again, inexperience. Once you land something you've got to follow up straight away," Hall said.

"In sparring and all these sorts of things I did that, I really put guys to the sword.

"I just threw the one-two to get him (Gallen) off me and then didn't follow up.

"So I hurt him a couple of times … and then I just needed to follow up."

Hall should have landed more punches like this as the fight wound down.
Hall should have landed more punches like this as the fight wound down.

Hall admitted he was fatigued in the third round and said part of the reason he didn't hit Gallen with his full arsenal was because he was concerned about tiring again too quickly - but he acknowledges that's where he went wrong.

"I was more worried about, because I gassed so much in the third round, to try and conserve energy and just keep him off me," Hall said.

"I thought we were winning the fight. We needed to win the last two rounds which we did. I thought we were winning the fight and so I was content with that, which you shouldn't be.

"I know now that was a mistake. I should have put a decision beyond doubt and really pushed hard and put him to the sword.

"I could have pushed a little harder and probably put it beyond doubt. They're the experience things, I haven't been in there before for five or six rounds. They're the sorts of things I'm kicking myself on."


Gallen was quick to talk up a rematch while Hall wasn't as bullish, saying he's focused on spending time with his family and ensuring he's there for his partner and two kids.

He feels bad about spending so much time apart from his loved ones over the better part of two months during his preparation and insists his next move will be made with their best interests at heart.

However, Hall said he is still open to a rematch, confident he has plenty of room left for improvement while at the same time claiming Gallen has peaked as a boxer.

"With a good training camp, I'm going to improve out of sight," Hall said.

"In fairness to Paul Gallen, he's a really good fighter, but I think that's it in terms of how good he can be.

"If he gives me time and a proper camp, we can agree to his terms and he's going to be in a bit of trouble.

"I'm going to improve out of sight."

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