Dogwatch: Grand Prix revs up on Ipswich track

VRMM. Vrmm. The Ipswich Grand Prix is on tomorrow night.

You don't have to motor out to Willowbank to watch this great spectacle. It's on at the Ipswich Showgrounds and is a race for greyhounds, not fast cars.

The Grand Prix is the only race at Ipswich all year over the genuine staying distance for greyhounds of 732 metres. For those of us old enough to recall the pre metrics era, 732 metres is 800 yards or half a mile.

Most of the field engaged tomorrow night has been racing well in 710 metres events at Albion Park in recent weeks.

Mullaway, trained by Joanne Price at Canungra in the Gold Coast hinterland, is the likely favourite despite drawing box five.

Mullaway has finished second to the highly acclaimed Dzeko in two Albion Park features lately. Dzeko was not nominated for the Ipswich Grand Prix, having returned to Victoria after last week's Albion Park Superstayers victory.

Joanne Price has eleven greyhounds in work.

"I got Mullaway on a one-on-one rearing basis and he has been a wonderful dog,'' she said.

"My grandfather Lionel Price was a highly successful trainer in Victoria in the 1960s. He won the 1967 Australian Cup with Fawn Nulla.

"My father owned greyhounds and by the time I was 11 years old I was exercising his dogs. So I guess I was bred to be a greyhound trainer and apart from doing a lot of travelling around Australia, I have never wanted to do anything else.''


The field, in box draw order for the Grand Prix to be run at 8.53pm, is: 1 Hougenie (Peter Ruetschi), 2 Cyndie's Magic (Bill Elson), 3 Okay Yetta (Reg Hazelgrove), 4 Killara (Gary Palmer), 5 Mullaway (Joanne Price), 6 Nureyev (Darren Scells), 7 Stargate System (Wayne Crick), 8 Reality Ghost (Les Lewis).

Total prizemoney is $10,450 of which the winner receives $7175.


Auction changes

THE Rosewood and District Community Bank sponsored Ipswich Magical Puppy Auction will be staged at the Ipswich Showgrounds on Sunday, October 18.

There's been some changes to the format of recent years. The non catalogue option is no longer available. All pups nominated, for which there is a $100 fee, must be presented for sale.

Pups born between August 1 last year and June 1 this year are eligible. The sale related race in April, 2017 will carry record prizemoney. The total is $103,000 of which the winner will receive $70,000. There's a $5000 bonus for the breeder and nominator of the winning greyhound.

Nominations close on July 31.


Jackpot getting closer

PROBABLY sooner than later a trainer participating at race meetings at Ipswich is going to pick up a decent jackpot bonus.

The trainers jackpot was worth $2115 at last Tuesday's meeting. Trainers have the option to spend five dollars per runner to be eligible. They don't have to participate and when the pool is reasonably small, many don't. But when it gets well into four figures, even if a trainer isn't confident, five dollars to win is worth the gamble.

The jackpot runner last Tuesday was Tara Marrie for Roan Enright and finished second. The pool will grow towards $2500 at today's twilight meeting and continue to climb until won.

The next jackpot dog to win will reward its trainer rather handsomely.


Consider this: DON'T worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.



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