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Grammy drama: Iggy Azalea threatens to sue pizza company

STAGE invasions, backstage arguments, red carpet rivalries: the Grammy Awards is never without its dramas.  

But few could have predicted that one of the biggest feuds of the evening would be between Iggy Azalea and Papa Johns.  

Yes, the pizza delivery company. No, not a rapper named after a pizza delivery company.  

The Australian hip-hop star is incensed because she claims one of Papa John's drivers gave her mobile number out to his family.    

 Papa Johns responded with a fairly light-hearted tweet:  

But the company didn't take her discontent seriously enough for her liking, and she demanded to know the identity of the driver involved.  

Papa Johns declined to release it to her however, to protect his identity.    

Azalea was nominated for four Grammys, including Best New Artist and Record of the Year. She lost out on both categories to Sam Smith.

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