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North Coast worker allegedly told ‘black people should hang’

A NORTH Coast employee of Australia Post has lodged a complaint against a senior staffer for allegedly telling him black people should be hanged and shot.

The indigenous worker claimed he was subjected to racial torment over months, culminating in him recording a phone call in which his superior made the alleged racist rant.

"All black people should be hung up by the throat and shot, make sure they're swinging so it's harder to shoot them," the senior employee allegedly said.

Australia Post neither confirmed nor denied the contents of the recording, but said it was investigating the matter.

Both men worked in a North Coast mail sorting centre.

Fairfax this week reported it had documents confirming management was aware of the alleged racist behaviour for months before acting.

When asked about the delay, an Australia Post spokesman said: "We immediately commenced investigations into this matter; however we have only been able to speak with the complainant in recent weeks.

"This has unfortunately led to the matter taking longer than expected to fully investigate," he said.

Someone has been stood down over the complaint.

"Given the serious nature of these claims, and evidence presented recently, an employee has been stood down pending the outcome of further investigations," the spokesman said.

Australia Post has had a bad run in recent months, with the Federal Court in November ruling a senior manager had routinely abused a Sri Lankan courier and referred to staff as "slaves" and "black bastards".

The government-owned business told the Daily Examiner it had nearly 32,000 employees of more than 136 nationalities, speaking 65 languages.

"Nearly 2% of our employees are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and we have been a leader in indigenous employment for the past 30 years," it said.

"We are committed to providing a culture that fosters and encourages diversity and inclusion across our business and we do not condone any form of discrimination or bullying.

"This goes against the very values for which we stand.

"As one of Australia's largest, most diverse employers, we remain at the forefront of providing direct employment and development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians."

Australia Post would not comment on reports the senior staffer had physically assaulted the Aboriginal employee after learning of the complaint.

"All employees and contractors must adhere to our harassment, discrimination and bullying policy and we will take all necessary disciplinary action, including termination, if this policy is breached," the spokesman said.

The Communications Union was unavailable for comment.


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