Comm Games boss owns up to ticket fiasco

The tickets were printed with the wrong day. Mark Peters comments on Commonwealth Games tickets misprint
The tickets were printed with the wrong day. Mark Peters comments on Commonwealth Games tickets misprint

WHOEVER was in charge of making sure the day was right on the tickets for the Gold Coast's Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony is in a whole lot of trouble right now.

Organisers behind the upcoming games have been forced to respond to an embarrassing error someone at Ticketek made when printing out the nearly 15,000 tickets.

The tickets to the opening ceremony say it will be held on Thursday, April 4, rather than the Wednesday.


Mark Peters, the CEO of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, fronted reporters earlier Tuesday night and said the mishap was due to a "human error" made by Ticketek.

"Ticketek and ourselves are disappointed this has happened. It was a human error in the checking," Mr Peters said.

The Games' CEO also said there hasn't been any other problems with the other "90 per cent of tickets that have gone out for all the other events".

It's exactly 50 days until the Gold Coast holds its opening ceremony for the games.

Questions were raised over whether or not the Games organisers would recall the 14,000 plus tickets, but Mr Peters confirmed that wasn't going to happen.

"This is a ticket that's got a lot of security checks around it so most people will understand that the opening ceremony is on that night," he said.

Around 35,000 people will attend the opening ceremony at Carrara Stadium and Mr Peters said checks would be made to ensure the 20,000 that still need to be sent out have been printed with the correct date.

Mr Peters also wanted to assure ticketholders their opening ceremony passes were still valid, despite the wrong day.

Queensland woman Tanya Mathers posted a photo of her tickets on Instagram and, after realising the day was wrong, said she would be arriving on "Wednesday just in case it's Thursday".

The Gold Coast's Commonwealth Games will kick off on April 4 and will finish on April 15.

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