OPINION: Go to a wedding to find your smile again

IF you need to find a way to put renewed hope and joy into your life I have the simple solution.

Go along to a family wedding.

That's exactly what I did over the weekend, travelling across to Tasmania to be with my sister as one of her three sons said "I do".

As we all sat in the church waiting for the bride to arrive I realised in the past 10 years I have attended far too many family funerals and very few weddings.

Watching the young bride and groom exchange vows I contemplated just what lay ahead of them.

I'll be honest and admit I was jealous of their future.

They were so young and happy and ready to start a family.

As a youngster growing up in Sydney we lived across the road from a beautiful church in Willoughby and along with my gang of siblings we'd often watch a new bride and groom emerge from the church. It was always a happy occasion and it is probably why I have always looked forward to attending weddings.

As the years have progressed it has also been great to see how the formalities of weddings have slowly given way to individual celebrations rather than just a religious ceremony followed by a formal dinner.

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