BAIL DENIED: Foul-mouthed prisoner's rant in Ipswich court

PRISONER Joshua Ness was clearly agitated and far from being a happy chap as he prowled about behind the glass wall of the dock inside Ipswich Magistrates Court.

His words clearly heard by the people seated in the public gallery - "I'll blow your f***ing head off c**t, where the f*** is this judge mate."

When magistrate Louisa Pink walked in the court heard that he'd been agitated with the duty lawyer and chose to represent himself.

The 22-year-old was in custody charged with two counts of receiving tainted property at Springfield on March 16 (that included a bicycle); entering a dwelling and committing an offence; and entering premises at Goodna on March 5.

Ness said he wanted to go ahead with a bail application as he had a job in a honey factory.

Police objected to bail, prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore saying Ness was in a show cause situation as he'd committed the alleged offences when on bail for other matters.

"His history regarding failures to appear is really shocking," Snr Cnst Elmore said.

When Ness was handed police documents he said "I can't read".

However, another police officer assisting with the prisoner, said Ness earlier said he could read.

The officer then assisted the court by reading the documents to Ness who stood with his arms folded.

Police opposed bail partly on the grounds that Ness breached his bail conditions 13 times between December 2013 and November 2016, and previously been sentenced to jail terms.

And he'd allegedly took part with a 12-year child in offending last month, with a risk that he would do more offences.

Snr Cnst Elmore said Ness also had an outstanding stealing charge due to be mentioned in a Brisbane court.

He said that only last week Ness was sentenced to a suspended jail term for failing to appear in court.

Police in the Ipswich matter allege Ness was found with credit cards that belonged to two other people who'd reported them stolen.

"He says he likes to collect ID cards to use to enter clubs," Snr Cnst Elmore said.

"I got out of July last year. I lost my mum. My mum's in jail for life," Ness said.

"I've got a child, six. I've got off all the drugs. But if you'se want to lock me up then go for gold.

"At the end of the day I want to be a good role model to my daughter and my nephew.

"If you lock me up I'll lose my job.

"No use getting clean if I go back to jail.

"I thought I'd never get a fulltime job. I'm proud of myself for getting a job."

Ms Pink found Ness to be an unacceptable risk and refused bail, his matters were adjourned.

Ness heard to utter an expletive as he left the dock with police officers.

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